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TEOMAN MADRA - new technology and bio art

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to keep yourself, up to date with several facets of the new tools is a real talent nowadays... bio art can be defined also possibly, as somehow like an extension of technological art, an alternative duplicate, a mirror replicate of dealing with technics in person etc. - in fact artists deal with creativity on new technology while they challenge all the services that the new tools will provide us in some specific ways, happily to make our daily life further smoothly comfortable... however for the artists to mistreat and misuse these gadgets, just for curiosity sakes and furthermore for other deep hunches, always evolve to become their greatest pleasures... meanwhile young new artists end up very often to reach miraculaous findings, odd diversities and series of new inside out strong arguments for a great number of diverse uses... therefore it is important to point clearly and outspokenly, the never mentioned dangers of all new gadgets facilitating our daily practices, are building us also mega loop holes of extreme denaturalizations of our
practices and further alienations as mishaps there on, for instance in primary education matters or in all economically underdeveloped sections
around the world even a simple pc reappropriated can only become the tool
as great saviour to pull them off the ignorance... all new tools
must definitely be re- introduced to these large crowds by ways of avant
garde young artists as they would foresee in deep precisions

artistic approaches are individualistic just like many
specific bottleneck series of problems are also rare cases...
in twentyfirst century steamlined gadgets of new techniques will
guide us in turn urgently to be aware of recent bio art trends
because via bio art, all commercially designed techno
tools will be most ideally reshaped for particular uses once
they will be retargeted for their proper handling
... otherwise they will only alienate most
underdeveloped crowds... these apriori bio art
arguments are actually valid everywhere
just as the importance of ART
TODAY everywhere is systematically
in urgent necessity...

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BioArt is an art practice in which the medium is living matter and the "works of art" are produced in laboratories and/or artists' and designers' studios. The tool is biotechnology, which includes such technologies as genetic engineering and cloning. BioArt is considered by most artists to be strictly limited to "living forms," although there is some debate as to the absoluteness of this criteria and the stages at which matter can be considered to be alive or living. Because there is
no codified meaning of BioArt, the medium and/or genre of BioArt is still being defined.
The materials used by Bioartists are cells, DNA molecules and living tissue.
Tampering with living forms and practicing in the life
sciences brings about ethical, social and
aesthetic inquiry. BioArt is an early 21st
Century practice for artists in bringing
even closer the "arts and sciences."

postmodern art incidences whether next to conceptual art or as something to be realized TODAY need further support as ever quite desperately... a reluctance to be next to avantgarde art ventures on idealistic measures is quite incomprehensible indeed... populism for new technology is a delicate issue to be reconsidered seriously...





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